The Dragon's Roost

A relaxing tavern to put your feet up! Zodi-lav beds-W12-P45

    Welcome! please make yourself at home!

    The Roost is a small tavern tucked away in Lavender beds sat infront of a lovely little waterfall.. with so many nightclub venues in the light server i wanted to try and make somewhere people could go to warm up and relax... grab an ale.. or a plate of pie and chips! (being from the Uk i wanted to make it feel like a small British pub would feel warm.. inviting)


    • Dont be rude to staff or anyone for that matter.

    • This venue is 100% SFW please keep it in your pants and in dms.

    • Dont be offensive.. and think about what you say if it might be a touchy subject..

    Opening hours!

    As it stands at the moment it is allways open for those who want a place to rest or Rp with freinds in a cozy setting. but the times Van will be present are as follows...

    • Tuesdays from 7pm st till late!


    The menu changes from time to time! but what we have on tap so far is..
    A fine East shroud Red wine 300gp
    Limsa pale ale! 200gp
    A strong Uldaran Scotch 400gp
    also dont forget we have a selection of coffee and teas! which are free of course!

    Dodo omnelette! 500gp
    Freshly baked Honey muffins! 150gp
    A Filling Shepards pie! 600gp
    A freshly fire grilled steak! 400gp
    (all these prices are for rp only please do not feel the need to give any gil! thankyou)

    Special mention... for Breakfasts its usually muffins or if im feeling it a nice cooked omelette or fry up.. free of course with a coffee.

    ( Made with Carrd )